Fiat DOHC Lampredi engines

Fiat Lampredi Twin-cam  engine: the most successful engine in the history of the World Rally Championship.

I think this is a good point to start writing about this great engine designed by genius engine designer Aurelio Lampredi.
This 4 cylinder DOHC, inline engine was very advanced for it's time and it was widely used in different Fiat group cars from 1966 to 2000.
The engine was produced in a large number of displacements, ranging from 1297ccm to 1995ccm and was used in Fiat, Lancia, SEAT, Alfa Romeo and some other brands.
Engine is widely used in motorsport and still known as the most successful engine in the history of the WRC by winning the manufacturers championship 10 times used in different models of Fiat/Lancia cars like Fiat 124 Abarth, Fiat 131 Abarth, Lancia 037 (supercharged), Lancia Delta (turbo charged), etc.


Fiat DOHC Lampredi engine codes and displacements

We often get different questions about the Fiat TC engine identification and about the applications where this engines were used so I decided to prepare a list of all Fiat TC engine types which will help to solve a questions like this.
This list is made up using different internet sources, our own knowledge and experiences. However, if you find mistakes or missing engine models, please let me know.

Engine type Engine volume Engine power Car model
124AC3.000 1438ccm 90HP  
124AC.000 1438ccm 90HP  
124AC.040 1438ccm 96HP  
132A.040.4 1592ccm 95HP  
132AC.000 1592ccm 95HP  
132A9.000 1592ccm 98HP  
132AC.040.3 1592ccm 87HP  
125BC000 1608ccm 110HP  
125BC040 1608ccm 110HP  
132AC1.000 1756ccm 114HP/118HP  
132A1.031.5 1756ccm 83HP  
132A1.040.4 1756ccm 86HP  
132A1.040.5 1756ccm 86HP  
131A1.040 1756ccm 87HP  
132AC4.000 1756ccm 128HP  
132C2.040 1995ccm 83HP  
132C2.031 1995ccm 87HP  
132C3.031 1995ccm 102HP/105HP  
132V3.031 1995ccm 135HP  
125A.000 1608ccm 90HP  
125B.000 1608ccm 100HP  
131B.000 1297ccm 77HP  
131B7.000 1301ccm 77HP  
131C1.000 1367ccm 77HP  
131B1.000 1585ccm 95HP/98HP  
131C3.000 1585ccm 97HP  
132A1.040 1756ccm 87HP  
132C2.031 1995ccm 80HP  
132C2.040 1995ccm 86HP  
132C3.031 1995ccm 102HP  
132C3.040 1995ccm 80HP/105HP  
131B2.000 1995ccm 115HP  
131C4.000 1995ccm 115HP  
132DB.000 1995ccm 187HP  
131AR.000 1995ccm 140HP/215HP  
132A.000 1592ccm 98HP  
132B.000 1592ccm 98HP  
132C.600 1585ccm 90HP  
132C.000 1585ccm 98HP  
132A1.000 1756ccm 105HP  
132B1.000 1756ccm 107HP/111HP  
132CB.0A0 / /  
132C2.000 1995ccm 112HP  
132D.000 1585ccm 98HP  
132D1.000 1995ccm 113HP  
132D4.000 1995ccm 122HP  
132C3.000 1995ccm 122HP  
132D7.000 1995ccm 135HP  
132E.000 1995ccm 135HP  
828B3.000 1297ccm 82HP  
828C3.000 1301ccm 84HP  
828D3.000 1367ccm 83HP  
828A2.000 1438ccm 90HP  
828A.000 1592ccm 100HP  
828AC.000 1592ccm 108HP  
828B.000 1585ccm 100HP (>82)  
828B.000 1585ccm 108HP (82>)  
828A1.000 1756ccm 110HP  
828A1.0405 1756ccm 86HP  
828AC1.000 1756ccm 120HP  
134AS.600 1756ccm 82HP  
134AS.0316 1756ccm 82HP  
828B1.000 1995ccm 115HP (->78)  
828B1.000 1995ccm 119HP (79->)  
828B1.0405 1995ccm 87HP  
134AS.000 1995ccm 120HP  
828B4.000 1995ccm 122HP  
828B4.0405 1995ccm 108HP/106HP  
828B7.000 1995ccm 135HP